More To EzyLanyards then Just Lanyards

Ezy Lanyards is one of the largest suppliers of customised and printed lanyards in the Australian market we supply lanyards to customers from a variety of organisations both government and private. There is no order too small or too large that we can’t fulfil. Our lanyards are well prices and versatile. What you may not know is that we supply more then just custom lanyards. Much more!

When thinking about your next marketing campaign you might want to consider one of out short straps or wristbands. They are inexpensive and can be easily tailored to any campaign. Whats more they can easily be combines with any other promotional products that you might have. So what might combination could you consider with either of these fantastic products.

Well take the bottle opener short strap. It is a product which only costs a couple of bucks at most, yet it is something which will bring infinite joy to your marketing campaign. There are a myriad to applications for this but lets look at the beverages market first. Every single marketing department at beer suppliers, brewers, sellers etc should be looking at this product for there marketing campaign. They can brand it with their logos. They can even laser engrave their logo if they want. Their customer would love a bottle opener attached to a shorts strap and I guarantee they will keep if for years to come.

There are heaps more short straps I can go through but I won’t do it in this post but will leave if for a future one instead.

Now too the wristbands. Again they are a brilliant promotional product as they are cheap but useful. They are also a great addition to any promotional pack you may be preparing for your customer. Promotional wristbands can be used across all industries and any number of events. And again let look at the beverages industry to explore the ease with which this product can be incorporated into any successful campaign.

The beverage industry is notorious for running events to promote their products. They are always a spectacular event and are great to attend (if you are lucky enough to be invited). Take the debossed wristband. This silicone wristband is a very cheap proposition for any marketing campaign. It looks really great when branded. It is something that would fit in great with a beverages marketing event where there are many attendees and the organisers want to be able to easily identify those who have been invited. They can also be colour coded to better identify what level of access has been provided.

So if you are looking at arranging an inexpensive gift for you next corporate event then look no further then Ezy Lanyards. We are your marketing partners.

Lanyards – Different Materials For Different Occasions

There days lanyards are looked upon as a very inexpensive promotional product when holding an events or promotional campaign. Not only are they inexpensive but they are very practical and will remain in use long after the event is finished. But how do you chose what material to use for an event? While it might not sound like the most pressing issue it certainly warrants some thought when placing an order for your custom printed lanyards.

Lanyard as we know come in a number if material options. The material we choose to use can range from what our objective is, to how we want to be perceive to the obvious intended application.

Polyester Lanyards – Ribbed polyester lanyards are the most common custom printed lanyard out there. They are widely used in many different kinds of events. They are inexpensive and easy to print. Ribber polyester lanyards are commonly screen printed and are available to come with a variety of attachments. The main reason you would chose a ribbed polyester lanyards is that they are the work horse of lanyards. They do what they are intended to do and won’t break the bank.

Nylon Lanyards – Printed nylon lanyards are also a mainstay of the lanyard world. They are more sturdy then polyester lanyards and are also commonly screen printed with a logo. Customers generally go with nylon lanyards as they prefer the smooth finish that comes with this particular material. The smooth finish is nice and shiny and offers a look of elegance. Whilst marginally more expensive then a polyester lanyard they don’t cost too much but to attached a higher MOQ.

Satin Lanyards – Satin lanyards are for people who want a nicer feel to their lanyards. As with satin in general they are nice and smooth but also soft to feel. Satin lanyard would also suit events where the participants are required to wear their lanyards for long periods of time and therefore don’t want the chaffing usually associated with having something hanging from your neck all day long. It is also the lanyard to consider if you want a sublimation print as only the satin lanyard can take this branding method.

To be sure there are other materials like bamboo and PET. But I will discuss them in later posts so as not to bore you too much. Nonetheless if you are in a bind as to which material you should chose for your next promo campaign then give EzyLanyards a call and we will help you out.

Custom Lanyards For Business

Custom lanyards are a great way to enhance your business identity at the work place. Customers may often visit your office or store and custom lanyards are another great way to imprint your corporate identity in there mind. The presence of a lanyard is often subtle and the effect it can have is subliminal. Being that a lanyard is a useful and practical product any association between it and your brand is positive.

Printed Silicone Wristband

Custom lanyards are available in a variety of materials and branding option. As discussed in previous post about lanyards material options include:

Branding options for custom lanyards include:

Sectional Silicone Wristbands Coloured

Studies have found that subliminal marketing is the most effective way to imprint your logo in a customers memory. Attaching your logo to useful and practical objects such as custom lanyards is a super effective way to further enhance the bond between your customers and your brand.

Contact Ezylanyards today for any questions regarding custom lanyards.

USB Wristbands Great For Promotions

USB’s and lanyards are great promotional tools for any business so why not combine the two with the branded USB wristband from Ezylanyards? Highly popular, these wristbands are a great option for your next corporate meeting, function or trade event; they are perfect for your sales staff to take to meetings with clients or as handy gifts for new clients.

Our promotional USB wristbands are a great way to get your business name out in front of potential clients and customers; with two good sized logo print spaces, your business name or message is going to be front and centre. There is one print area on the wristband of 140mm x 12mm and one on the USB of 20mm x 12mm.

Often with promotional USB’s you don’t get a great range in sizes, but with this wristband you get the option of memory from 1GB through to 32GB, and they can even be preloaded with data making them a great choice when you need to host a training day or want to provide your clients and customers with standard ordering forms, or copies of their contracts.

USB wristbands are such a handy item, and not just for businesses. For schools and other educational facilities they are a great way to provide students with their class times at the beginning of the year; while for non-profit organisations they are a great tool to get your name out to new supporters.

With a variety of colours available, a branded USB wristband from Ezylanyards is a great option for your next promotional item.