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Personalised Bottle Opener Short Strap

More To EzyLanyards then Just Lanyards

Ezy Lanyards is one of the largest suppliers of customised and printed lanyards in the Australian market we supply lanyards to customers from a variety of organisations both government and private. There is no order too small or too large that we can't fulfil. Our lanyards are well prices and versatile. What you may not know is that we supply more then just custom lanyards. Much more! When thinking about your next marketing campaign you might want to consider one of out short straps or wristbands. They are inexpensive and can be easily tailored to any campaign. Whats more they can… Read More

printed satin lanyards

Lanyards - Different Materials For Different Occasions

There days lanyards are looked upon as a very inexpensive promotional product when holding an events or promotional campaign. Not only are they inexpensive but they are very practical and will remain in use long after the event is finished. But how do you chose what material to use for an event? While it might not sound like the most pressing issue it certainly warrants some thought when placing an order for your custom printed lanyards. Lanyard as we know come in a number if material options. The material we choose to use can range from what our objective is, to… Read More

printed promotional lanyard

Custom Lanyards For Business

Custom lanyards are a great way to enhance your business identity at the work place. Customers may often visit your office or store and custom lanyards are another great way to imprint your corporate identity in there mind. The presence of a lanyard is often subtle and the effect it can have is subliminal. Being that a lanyard is a useful and practical product any association between it and your brand is positive. Custom lanyards are available in a variety of materials and branding option. As discussed in previous post about lanyards material options include: Polyester Nylon Faux Leather Satin… Read More

Promotional USB Wristbands

USB Wristbands Great For Promotions

USB’s and lanyards are great promotional tools for any business so why not combine the two with the branded USB wristband from Ezylanyards? Highly popular, these wristbands are a great option for your next corporate meeting, function or trade event; they are perfect for your sales staff to take to meetings with clients or as handy gifts for new clients. Our promotional USB wristbands are a great way to get your business name out in front of potential clients and customers; with two good sized logo print spaces, your business name or message is going to be front and centre.… Read More

Promotional Woven Luggage Strap

Luggage Straps For Christmas

Christmas is upon us and everyone is gearing up for their Christmas break. This is traditionally the time of the year that people pack up and go on the road (or air) for a well earned break. Thousands of people will be clogging the country airports and cruise ship terminals heading for a bit of sun and relaxation. All of this combined is a great reason to consider giving your customer's a custom printed luggage strap for Christmas. Luggage straps are a great travel accessories. They keep the luggage secure and sturdy while at the same time making them recognisable… Read More