Lanyards For Christmas

It is that time of year again when we need to sit down and figure out what to get people for Christmas. You know I do all the google marketing for the website and as part of that I can see the search terms people use to land in the site. I helps we weed out the search terms that I don’t want attracted to the website. At the end of the day you pay for the clicks and you don’t want to be paying for clicks that are not related. You see google allows you to use negative keywords which means it blocks those keywords from showing your ad. This is good because you don’t someone searching for a Versace lanyard coming to a site that sells custom printed lanyards. I mean people search for all sorts of stuff which includes lanyards. I have a website that sells pens. However sometime when people search pens they are actually searching for chicken pens and not writing pens.

Which leads me to the benefit of providing lanyards as a Christmas present. Obviously the broader community also has a need for lanyards otherwise they would not be searching for lanyards for personal use. If they are search for this kind of lanyard and that kind of lanyard then they have a need for them beyond the corporate world. If this is the reason why they make such a great gift anyway. So yes they should be given as corporate gifts to clients and customers. They should also be given away to the broader community who you know will use them and how you know with spread your brand in the process. What better way to make a lasting impact in the community than to provide them which is so sort after and necessary in their daily lives.