Slap Bands For Corona

It truly has been a year to forget. First the bush fires that ravaged so much of Australia and cause so much sadness and destruction. Then came the Wuhan corona virus which has cause so much distress world-wide. It has literally hit every corner of the globe. Not since WWII has there been an event which effected so many people on a global scale. This time though it wasn’t guns and bombs cause the mayhem but a single virus. An invisible thing which nobody saw coming.

Thankfully there is a light at the end of the tunnel. At some point very soon we will be able to look back at all of this and get on with our lives. In the mean-time it is important that we continue to take care as the economy starts to open up and people start gathering again in numbers. To help deal with such events it will be necessary to inform and identify people at such gatherings. To that end there will be a place for slap bands.  Slap bands are simply a wristband which to slap across your wrists to snap it shut. Slap bands are constructed with silicone with a metal sprint type mechanism imbedded beneath.

How Can Slap Bands Help?

Slap bands are unique in they they are easy to wear and even easier to take off or put on. The ease with which they can be applied makes them the perfect accessory for any event. When you have so many people coming and going to an event it is important to be able to process them quickly. With a slap band it is easy. Just slap and go. Slap and go. It is as easy as that. Then when you need to take it off the attendee with just a flick of the wrist they are off. They are indeed the easiest wristband to put on and take off. With other kinds of wristband you sometimes need different sizes to accomodate the person you are giving them to. With a slap band it is easy because it is practically a one size fits all proposition.

Aren’t All Wristbands The Same?

It is easy to see why people would think that all wristbands are the same. The truth is they are not. They come in different sizes and different colours. There are also different branding options depending what your needs are. With slap bands you generally just want to print. Whether it is a logo or a message or even a QR code, printing is the best option. Printing is the cheapest option which can be done off-shore or even by local printers. That is what makes it so suitable for printing a slap band.

Help Your Customers Travel Easy

Imagine getting off a 15 hour flight and making your way, bleary eyed, down to the luggage carousel to find your bags. When you’ve been on a long flight, bags all look the same, but if you’re in the travel and leisure industry, Ezy Lanyards has the perfect promotional item – branded luggage straps.


These handy little items can help your customers find their luggage quickly and easily, and be out the door on their way home or on their way to adventure. They are a great way to get your business noticed, and a great way to promote your services or products.


The Polyester Luggage Strap is a popular option and is supplied with an adjustable buckle that can be upgraded to a combination lock for a relatively low cost. Size-wise they are suitable for a range of luggage options, and come with a great logo print area of 1800mm x 50mm. With a huge range of colours to choose from, these luggage straps are great for promotional merchandise or to give to customers as part of a travel pack. If you have staff who travel regularly, this could be a great option to include as part of their staff uniform package.


The Sublimated Luggage Strap offers a bright and bold promotional item that will promote your business around the world. With a bright photo quality finish, this luggage strap offers a full colour logo print on a large 1800mm x 50mm print space. These luggage straps come with an adjustable buckle that can be upgraded to a combination lock for added security.


Our Woven Luggage Strap is a great option for those travelling all over the world. With a large range of colour options, you can mix and match to suit your brand’s style. This luggage strap also features the same great branding print space of 1800mm x 50mm and will help your brand stand out. They are great to sell to customers or as part of a promotional giveaway at a trade show, travel show or simply as a bonus.


On top of promotional luggage straps, Ezy Lanyards also stocks a range of customised short straps which are a great addition to backpacks and small travel bags.


The Felt Short Strap is a popular option, giving you a 97.6mm x 21mm branding space. They are a handy little budget friendly promotional tool that can help promote your business on a daily basis. The Neoprene Short Strap is a great choice for your adventurous customers. These short straps will stand up to almost any use, and come in a great range of colours. With a large 127mm x 9.8mm print space, you’re brand is sure to be noticed. Th Polyester Short Strap is another great budget friendly promotional tool for any business. Featuring a handy 105mm x 21mm logo print space, you’re sure to find a colour to match your business branding.


Travel can be a stressful time, especially when you’re trying to spot your luggage in amongst a sea of similar looking suitcases and backpacks. Help your customers spot their luggage easier and be on their way with a branded luggage strap or promotional short strap.

Short Strap or Wristband For Next Promotional Gift

It is never easy trying to pick your next promotional gift item. There are so many options out there it can be sometimes overwhelming. Especially in this day and age when budgets are tight and events are very seldom. If you are going to give something away it makes sense that you would want to make sure that you are giving away the best gift possible. There is no need to rush when you have all the time in the world to work out the best item to fit the bill. I know I always take my time when looking at promotional products for my marketing campaigns.

Two of the best items in times like now are short straps and wrist bands. Both of these items are super handy and they are very sort after when running a campaign or event. When you are looking at giving a promotional gift or branded product to a customer it is important that it will make an impact. Both short straps and promotional wristbands fit that description. What’s more they are both very practical items which can be easily incorporated in to any situation. Versatile items are all the rage in the promotional products field and you can’t do past these two items.

Covid Era Event

It these strange times we live in it is especially important to be aware of the dangers that lurk and the responsibilities that we must adhere to when trying to run events. Firstly any attempt to run an event must include the ability to track attendees and the number of people at any given setting. Handing out colour coded promotional wristbands is a great way to track your number. It is also an easy way to check that all those in attendance are actually meant to be there. If someone is not wearing a wristband then you know immediately that they should not be there as they are easy to spot out. Colour codes wristbands can also help manage where attendees are allowed to go. There might be restricted areas in your event or you might just want to confine a certain number of people to certain area. A custom wristband is a great way to do this.

Budget Conscious Promotional

Another important issue is budgets. Revenues are down across the board at the moment. Sure there might be the odd industries which is thriving but the vast majority of companies are feeling the pinch at the moment so cost savings are a reality. That is my most are now turning to more cost effective ways to promote their wares. That includes giving away products which give them more band for their buck. The short lanyard is one of those things. Whether they are in the liquor industry giving away a bottle opener or events wanted to attached something to a pass, the short lanyard is the way to go.

Lanyards Are In High Demand for Emergency Workers

The Wuhan virus, also known a cover-19, has caused havoc on the world that we live in. This virus that originated in Wuhan China has effected over a million people with over one hundred thousand death. People all around the world are suffering after it left China and effected almost every country on earth. The impact has not only been on the health of citizens of many countries but also on the economy. Millions of people have lost their jobs, many have been thrust into poverty due to this insidious virus.

Thankfully on the front line of this Wuhan virus we have had millions of health care workers fighting for our survival. Heroic nurses and doctors all over the world have sacrificed their time, and sometimes their lives, to battle the virus and keep us all safe. Without these front line workers who knows what would have happened. It would have been pandemonium. Surely once this is finished every country in the world will erect statues celebrating their contribution to public health.

One thing that we have seen all the nurses wearing, apart from their face masks, is lanyards. It is a common site to see a group of nurses all wearing lanyards around their necks. They all have their ID or security passes attached to them which means they down have to rummage around their pocked trying to find them. All they need to do is swipe them from their necks. It is the easiest think in the world when the thing you need is hanging from your neck. By having it attached to your lanyard it makes it even easier.

It is not just for nurses that lanyards are in high demand. They are also in demand for teachers and other contractor in the health system. Whilst all other product sales have fallen in the recent past the sale of lanyards has sky rocketed. That is because the humble lanyard has become an essential product for front-line workers to have.

The Power of Branded Products and Wristbands

In the movie “The Power of One” the story was about a boy who was trained by Morgan Freedman to become a boxing champion. I really can’t remember what exactly happened that I do know it was based in South Africa or something and that it was an against all odds kind of story. If I remember correctly they boy does succeed in becoming a champion and an enduring relationship develops between him and the Morgan Freeman character. What is interesting is that the title refers to the power of one when really if you think about it the story was about the power of more than one person working together to achieve a certain goal. In this instance winning a boxing world title.

The same thing can be said about marketing. Sure there are instances where one person has an outsized impact on the marketing of a company, such as Elon Musk with his company Tesla. Then there are other companies which rely more on a group efforts to promote their wares. In such instance you would expect that there would be a full fledged marketing department using all the instruments necessary to promote the brand and its goods and services. Including in this would surely be a promotional products element which would seek to use promotional merchandise to as a means of marketing.

One such promotional product is the wristband. Although there are a variety of wristbands in existence, the most common one in the field of promotional products is the silicone wristband. Silicone wristbands are the most common custom wristbands out there. There are many reasons for that but primarily because they are inexpensive and durable. It is these two traits which make them such an integral part in any marketing department strategy for promotional products procurement. Procuring promotional products is easy but finding the right ones is always the challenge. With custom wristbands the advantage is that the outlay is so minuscule compared to other options.

People often ask me what the best approach to this or that is. I always say take the time out to think about what you are doing so that you can at least claim that whatever you have done was well thought through. The same can be said about promotional merchandise. Yes it is easy to make a decision, but have you really put in the necessary thought into it to ensure that your decisions is right. With custom wristbands it is always the right choice.