How Corona Virus and Return of Events

One of the most effect industries due to the corona virus outbreak has been the events industry. As soon as the virus was deemed a danger to society all events have been put on hold. That has meant no conferences, no trade fairs and certainly no exhibitions. The flow on effect on businesses that supply these events has been immense.

When you think of the promotional products industry it has had an enormous impact. One of the major parts of any promotional products supply business is events. Unfortunately not one have event been shut down but many of the other things they depend on like:

  • Travel
  • Accomodation
  • Education

All the above industry require branded products so when they went off-line the effect was immense. Imagine all the student orientation days, travel conferences etc that didn’t take place. It has been an absolute disaster for many people and the businesses they own or work for.

Luckily things are picking up. Travel is slowly returning, although not international travel. Eventually international students will need to come back. Even events will come back at some point. The one thing that will get us there is vaccines.

Problem and Hope of Vaccines

All the vaccines that are being developed offer some hope for normality. Once we reach herd immunity then boarders will be able to open and things will get back to normal. It doesn’t help that there has been some problems with a few of the vaccines and the issue with blood clots. It will most likely act as a deterrent for some people. In the end though I am sure they will work it all out.

So let hope that things get back to normal and lanyards will again reign supreme like they have for years.



Lanyards or Slap Bands For Your Next Event

Deciding what to use at your events is not always a clear cut task. With every event there is a kind of image that you are trying to portray when you are hosting customers or business associates. Then there is the demographic of your attendees. Their age group and social status could very well influence a number of factors in organising. The question is do you go with lanyards or do you prefer slap bands.

There are all sorts of events out there. Some are more formal and some are less. Whether you are having a black tie event or a dance party do still need to identify your attendees. I would say that if you were having a dance party you would be more likely to use slap bands. They are more of a youth orientated item and you wouldn’t want people yanking on each others lanyards whilst they are dancing.

With more sophisticated events such as conferences you would probably be looking at using lanyards. They are more of an adult product and look more formal. Also there is a higher likelihood that the recipient will use them so other purposes in the future.

Which is why when it comes to choosing between lanyards and slap bands for your next event it pays to think about it.

Custom Printed Slap Bands