Custom Lanyards

     Lanyards have been a mainstay of the promotional products and corporate merchandise industries for many years now. It can even be argued that custom lanyards were one of the first prolific custom branded products in the industry. Custom lanyards not only had the benefit of being extremely useful, they are also very inexpensive which makes them the idea giveaway. Marketing departments often agonise about their budgets and how best to utilise them. At the end of the day it is imperative to ensure that every penny spent is accounted for and that it has the desired effect. Many products have come and gone but custom lanyards will alway be around and darling of the custom products market.Not only can the material be customised but also the attachment. This means that your lanyards will be suitable for any number of applications. We never really think about them but it is only when you first ask about a lanyard that you start to see how many people actually rely on them for all sorts of applications. Whether is is carrying identification, a water bottle, a set up keys, a security pass or any number of things, there are a million things to can use them for. So branding some and giving them out to your clients or staff is a no brainer. 

    Printed Lanyards

     Printed lanyards are an easy way of getting your brand out to a wider audience. With a large range of uses, from events and functions through to day to day staff uses, a promotional lanyard will promote your business to an audience you may not typically reach through your normal marketing activities.When purchasing promotional lanyards, it is important to think about the image your brand is putting across – a good quality printed lanyard will look good and bring a professional style to your business, while a lower quality lanyard will make it seem like you aren’t worried about your brand’s image.Here at EzyLanyards we have a range of promotional lanyards, from leather look lanyards through to sublimation lanyards to suit your business and the brand style you are aiming for.Whatever you’re looking for in a promotional lanyard product, we’re sure to have it. 

    Branded Lanyards

     While there are a lot of uses for branded lanyards, our customers often use them for one of three things – events/functions, sporting competitions and general day to day office use.An event or function needs a good quality, good looking promotional lanyard that will get the aim and branding of your business across while still looking professional. We have a large number of branded lanyards which will fit this style including our Satin Lanyard for a little bit of extra class, or our Faux Leather Lanyard to provide a product no one will be expecting. 

    Sports Lanyards

     When it comes to sporting events, you need a lanyard that is comfortable to wear and long lasting, as well as being a great place to get your brand across.Our Sublimation Lanyards are a great choice, allowing for a bright and bold photo quality print finish. Other great all-round promotional lanyard options that look good and are comfortable to wear include our printed Polyester Ribbed Lanyards, Nylon Lanyards or Woven Rope Lanyards. 

    Office Lanyards

     For day to day office use (to use for attaching ID cards to access keys) your first choice needs to be a branded lanyard that is comfortable to wear as well as being long lasting – these lanyards need to last daily wear.This is another area our promotional Satin Lanyards are a great option to bring a touch of professionalism, while our Sublimation Lanyards will certainly bring attention to your brand with their great photo quality logo print.For the environmentally conscious, our Recycled PET Lanyards are a solid promotional lanyard choice; you and your staff members will feel great about wearing a branded lanyard made from recycled materials and it will certainly have your customers thinking about your environmentally friendly company. 

    Promotional Lanyards

     Lanyards are a great all round promotional tool that often get used over and over bringing more awareness to your brand, as well as further marketing opportunities. Promotional lanyards are often a budget friendly branding option for any business no matter what field or industry your business is in.If you need a promotional lanyard for your next event or function, we are sure you’ll find something suitable for your business and your budget in our branded lanyard range. Ezylanyards are a premier supplier of lanyards in the Australian market. We have a wide range of lanyards to suit your needs. Whether you need a simple inexpensive lanyard or a premium looking lanyard we have you covered. We have something to suit any budget or event. Below are some of the material options that we have available.Bootlace - The bootlace option is a tubular material that has a nice thick and sturdy feel. Bootlace lanyards are a very popular option as they print well and are durable.Polyester - This is by far the most popular option. Polyester lanyards have been a stable since the beginning. They are versatile, durable and inexpensive. There are many different attachments available that are suitable with this material.Poly - Satin - The poly/satin blend is a great option for those seeking a sturdy yet premium looking option. The polyester makes for a sturdy base which is sure to withstand even the harshest environments. The satin on the other hand adds an element of elegance.Sublimation -  Sublimation is more a printing style then a material but it is still worth a mention. Sublimation is important where there is a gradient in the logo. With gradient logos screen printing is not an option as it is only for spot colours. With sublimation the material used is satin.Nylon - This option is for where a truly sturdy option is needed. Even though polyester is tough, Nylon is the strongest option when it comes to material. It also printed well where spot colours is needed.Woven - Again woven is not a material per se but a branding style. With this option the logo is woven into the lanyard. It is a sturdy option but generally limited to 2 colour logos. This is great where you want a permanent branding option that can't rub off over time.Recycled PET - In this environmentally conscious world we live in the PET option is a great material solutions. People are increasingly concerned above sustainability. With PET the customer will know they are getting a product which is a substitute for virgin materials.While there are many other options the above mentioned materials are the most commonly used.Along with having a huge range of material options we also have heaps of attachments on offer. The attachment can be customised according to your needs. Some of the attachments on offer include:Clips - Attachment such as the alligator clip, swivel clip, dog clip and j-hook are imperative as they allow you to attach something to your lanyard.Breakaway Clips - These have become standard especially with professions where there is a risk of someone grabbing a lanyard. So for example nurses are now required to have a breakaway clip to guard again choking etc.PVC Card Holder - Allow people to carry a pass or identification. More or less any form of security pass or ID can be carried in the card holder.Retractable Card Holder - This couples well with the PVC card holder or a set of keys giving extra reach. It then conveniently retracts when not in use.Bottle Holder - Allow for a bottle to be carry. Is particularly useful for people in a active roll who need to have the ability to stay hydrated.So as you can see there a heaps of attachment options available to combine with the different materials.For this and any other information that you may require feel free to give Ezylanyards a call and one of our friendly staff will be at you assistance.Ezylanyards are also part of the EzyPromos network. So if there is any product that you require for you next promotional event be sure to contact us. We offer everything from branded corporate apparel, to branded technology like USB flash drives and bluetooth speakers, to just general promotional merchandise. EzyPromos is a one-stop shop for all you promotional needs. We handle all branding in-house and can delivery your goods to the location of your choosing. If there is something you require but can't find then we can utilise our local and off-shore resources to manufacture it for you.