Product Code - PVCLAN

Product Detail

Print Area
  • 10mm Lanyard: 800mm(w) x 8mm(h)
  • Minimum quantity 500 units.

PVC Lanyard

  • Colours:
  • Black
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • White
  • Yellow

Product Description

Promotional PVC Lanyards

If you’re in need of a good quality, long lasting promotional lanyard, our PVC Lanyard is a popular choice. These 10mm lanyards have a large print area of 800mm x 8mm giving you plenty of space for printing your logo or marketing message.

Our PVC Lanyards are available in a range of colours including black white, green, orange, pink and yellow allowing you to combine colours with your branding or promotional guidelines, while still helping your brand stand out amongst your competitors.

We have a number of customers who love these branded PVC Lanyards and find them perfect for use in events, functions and conferences as they can be comfortably worn all day and look as professional in the office as they do in a charity golf match.

Available with a standard inclusion of Alligator Clips, J Hooks or Dog Clips, our PVC Lanyards also come with a range of additional accessories such as PVC card holders, connectors, bottle holders and carabiners.

For a long lasting promotional lanyard that can be used across a variety of needs, our PVC Lanyard is a popular choice.