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How Corona Virus and Return of Events

One of the most effect industries due to the corona virus outbreak has been the events industry. As soon as the virus was deemed a danger to society all events have been put on hold. That has meant no conferences, no trade fairs and certainly no exhibitions. The flow on effect on businesses that supply these events has been immense. When you think of the promotional products industry it has had an enormous impact. One of the major parts of any promotional products supply business is events. Unfortunately not one have event been shut down but many of the other… Read More

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Lanyards or Slap Bands For Your Next Event

Deciding what to use at your events is not always a clear cut task. With every event there is a kind of image that you are trying to portray when you are hosting customers or business associates. Then there is the demographic of your attendees. Their age group and social status could very well influence a number of factors in organising. The question is do you go with lanyards or do you prefer slap bands. There are all sorts of events out there. Some are more formal and some are less. Whether you are having a black tie event or… Read More

Promotional Woven Luggage Strap

What Travel Restriction Mean For Printed Luggage Straps

Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic are affecting travelers all around the world. Many countries implemented travel bans and compulsory quarantine measures for travellers due to the huge COVID cases and the spread of its new variant. Travel restriction and luggage straps are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Since then, travel packing has dramatically changed including the items on your list. Not only are public transportation companies and airports instituting necessary precautions and procedures, but travelers themselves must also be prepared to keep them safe all the time. With the number of virus cases continuing to climb, public health… Read More

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Events Return in 2021 Boom For Lanyards

The question on everyone's lips is will the return of events in 2021 lead to a boom for lanyards. Last year was a tragic year mainly for all the people that died due to the Wuhan corona virus. It was also a year of hardship for individuals and businesses that had to endure months of rock downs and travel restrictions. All of this contributed to a down turn in the turn over for many corporations as their core activities were curtailed. It is true that some businesses suffered more than others. The super market chains did a brisk trade as… Read More

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Slap Bands For Corona

It truly has been a year to forget. First the bush fires that ravaged so much of Australia and cause so much sadness and destruction. Then came the Wuhan corona virus which has cause so much distress world-wide. It has literally hit every corner of the globe. Not since WWII has there been an event which effected so many people on a global scale. This time though it wasn't guns and bombs cause the mayhem but a single virus. An invisible thing which nobody saw coming. Thankfully there is a light at the end of the tunnel. At some point… Read More