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Nurse Wearing Lanyard

Lanyards Are In High Demand for Emergency Workers

The Wuhan virus, also known a cover-19, has caused¬†havoc on the world that we live in. This virus that originated in Wuhan China has effected over a million people with over one hundred thousand death. People all around the world are suffering after it left China and effected almost every country on earth. The impact has not only been on the health of citizens of many countries but also on the economy. Millions of people have lost their jobs, many have been thrust into poverty due to this insidious virus. Thankfully on the front line of this Wuhan virus we… Read More

Custom Wristbands

The Power of Branded Products and Wristbands

In the movie "The Power of One" the story was about a boy who was trained by Morgan Freedman to become a boxing champion. I really can't remember what exactly happened that I do know it was based in South Africa or something and that it was an against all odds kind of story. If I remember correctly they boy does succeed in becoming a champion and an enduring relationship develops between him and the Morgan Freeman character. What is interesting is that the title refers to the power of one when really if you think about it the story… Read More

Promotional PVC Polyester Lanyards

What Are Lanyards and What Are They Good For

Everybody knows that song "War what is it good for, absolutely nothing, say it again! Hah!" The song was written by Norman Whitfield and Barret Strong and had The Temptations as the original vocalists. Motown Records then decided to re-record the song with Edwin Starr which is the version that was a number one hit on Billboard Hot 100 in 1970. It is also the version that people would be most familiar with today even though artist such as Bruce Springsteen and Frankie Goes to Hollywood also did their own versions. Even Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker did a version… Read More

Personalised Luggage Straps

Travelling With Personalised Luggage Straps

I often travel. Truth be know I like to travel. I go to Hong Kong and China for the fairs. They happen twice a year but I only ever go once. Although this year I skipped due to the current mayhem. I go to Hawaii usually every other year. We used to go every year but have cut back. I have been to Vegas a couple of times for the CES. I haven't been in a while but would like to go again at some point. I also go to Europe often. In the last two years I have been… Read More

Custom Wristbands in a Lanyards World

Custom Wristbands in a Lanyards World

The world is awash with promotional products and all sorts of things to promote a business. There is social media, traditional media, print media, all sorts of business guides and search engines. With all the options available to a business it is often hard to decide where to put ones advertising dollars. Do I put it here? Do I put it there? Nobody really knows the answer definitively and they wouldn't tell you if they did. It is like a huge mystery that would take the magic of ten Harry Potters to unravel. They are whole sections devoted to it… Read More