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What Travel Restriction Mean For Printed Luggage Straps

Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic are affecting travelers all around the world. Many countries implemented travel bans and compulsory quarantine measures for travellers due to the huge COVID cases and the spread of its new variant. Travel restriction and luggage straps are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Since then, travel packing has dramatically changed including the items on your list. Not only are public transportation companies and airports instituting necessary precautions and procedures, but travelers themselves must also be prepared to keep them safe all the time.

With the number of virus cases continuing to climb, public health specialists and the Government are discouraging bringing nonessential items. Obviously, the most important things you should add on your packing list are the mask, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, gloves, contactless credit card, toilet paper, pen and water bottle. And of course, a printed luggage straps to keep your luggage safe and secure.

Importance Of Printed Luggage Straps In Travel Restriction

Today, all airlines have packing and baggage restrictions. Aside from following the standard maximum weight, ensuring your personal belongings are safe and intact with printed luggage straps is very crucial.

This is due to the fact that not all suitcases are built efficienctly and not all of us can afford to buy expensive ones. Using accessories such as a luggage strap just make sense for the wiser traveler.

What are printed luggage straps?

You don’t want to receive a suitcase in an unpleasant state when you retrieve it to the pick-up point, do you? Or find your stuff strewn along the luggage because the zipper broke. That’s why luggage straps are vital.

Printed luggage straps are made from thick and durable material that you bind around your suitcase. It works as a safety measure in case you overpacked or a zipper worn down. Furthermore, securing your belongings is an important precaution to take especially this COVID pandemic in order to reduce the opportunity for cross-contamination.

But printed luggage straps have other significant benefits:

  • They are usually bright and colorful. Thus, your suitcase will be easier to spot and no more instances of potentially losing your bag. Additionally, you will not be spending a hard time identifying your bags from other suitcases that almost look the same in the baggage carousel.
  • Some straps can secure two or more luggage set. You can strap your suitcases together with some regular luggage straps so you don’t have to struggle to move around.
  • Mishandled luggage is very common in a lot of terminals and airports. Printed luggage straps provide added security and protection to your checked baggage. You can bind them individually with TSA-approved locks so your suitcases can avoid possible damage and are protected the scrutiny of unauthorized persons.

If you have plans of traveling locally or internationally while in pandemic restriction, keep the above information in mind. Remember, only bring certain items that may protect your health and help keep you from getting sick. Also, don’t forget to secure your belongings with printed luggage straps for a smooth and worry-free journey. Even bring along some lanyards.

Travel Restriction And Printed Luggage Straps

Travel Restriction And Printed Luggage Straps