Product Code - SSBH

Short Straps-Bottle Holder

    Product Detail

    • Popular Bottle Holder Short Strap
    • Price includes carabiner.
    • Colour can be matched to your pms colour (MOQ 1000)
    • Minimum quantity 100 units

    Print Dimensions

    Scale at 100%

    Product Description

    Custom Short Strap Bottle Holder

    If your business is the outdoors, you know just how important a bottle of water is to your customers. Our printed Short Strap Bottle Holder is a great promotional short strap, giving your customers the ability to attach a bottle of water to the short strap and then attaching this to a bag or belt loop, keeping their hands free for work or leisure.

    The short strap comes with an included carabiner for attachment to a bag or belt loop as well as the bottle holder. It is available in a range of colours to suit your branding requirements and has a large print space of 126mm x 21mm, giving you plenty of space to get your brand out there.

    There are multiple branding options for these just as with any lanyard or short strap. The most popular option is the screen print the logo. It is a durable option and you can print a logo up to 4 colours. That said there is also the option to have a woven logo or if you have a multi-colour logo you can use sublimation print on a satin fabric. So the branding options really are helpful with this product.

    These branded Short Straps with bottle holders are a great option for giveaways or gifts and can just as easily be used for promotional merchandise for your customers. They are a memorable gift as once they are attached to a bag or backpack you know your customer will take it wherever they may go. They will also be spreading your corporate identity with then on their journeys.

    If your customers are based outdoors, our promotional Short Strap Bottle Holder is a great way of getting your brand recognised. It is a cost effective and popular promotional gift bound to be in use for years to come.