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Custom Printed Promotional Lanyards


With a variety of customisable and custom-made lanyards, short straps, wristbands and luggage straps to help market your brand, Ezy Lanyards is your one stop shop for all promotional lanyards. Whether you’re holding a special event or conference or just looking for a simple promotional merchandise item then look no further!

Our range includes imprinted custom-made lanyards, short straps, wristbands and luggage straps that are perfect for trade-shows, conventions and company functions. They are a great idea if you need a small promotional merchandise item to sell or giveaway to your customers to help promote your brand.

Lanyards are a great promotional tool as they often aren’t something used just once – they can be used over and over providing you with multiple marketing opportunities that you may not normally receive. Luggage tags give you the benefit of promoting your company to an interstate or international audience and short straps are a great every day way of getting your company name out there.

Branded lanyards aren’t just for customers though. Lanyards such as our Faux Leather Lanyard or Satin Lanyard are great choices for around the office. Your staff members won’t lose their keys or security passes, and while they are out of the office, these lanyards provide extra marketing support to your brand.

There are some great reasons to use items such as lanyards, wristbands, short straps and luggage straps as a promotional tool. They are a constant advertising source in that they often won’t just be used once. They are also functional so customers and clients get a lot more out of them and connect to your brand unlike television or radio advertising where the brand is soon forgotten.

These products are long lasting and long wearing and with such a range of styles, colours and accessories to choose from, your brand is going to stand out amongst your competitors.