Ramp Up Your Event with a Stylish Printed Wristband

Printed Silicone Wristbands

Planning an event for teens and young adults can be a minefield. They won’t always keep their entry tickets on them once they are inside, and often need to pop back outside to meet up with friends, take a phone call or a myriad of other reasons. So how can you make sure the only people inside your event are the ones who are meant to be there?
Our Printed Wristbands are the perfect solution to ensuring your event attendees have paid for their entry or had an original ticket entry without requiring them to hold onto the ticket. Available in a range of bright colours, and extremely budget friendly, these wristbands are not only a great way to keep your event in order, but a great way to promote your business to a specific audience.

While you do see branded wristbands around, these are often one-use wristbands made of cardboard or a plastic material which the only way to take it off is to cut it off. Our Printed Wristbands are made of silicone with the benefit of the silicone material being that it can be easily taken off and re-worn over and over again.

Of course you need a great logo print to ensure your customers will wear the wristband again (giving you more promotional opportunities) and combined with the bright colours and the large logo print area (200mm x 10mm) you’ll have plenty of room to design a great looking logo.
Young adults and teenagers can be one of the most difficult audiences to market to, but a well-designed Printed Wristband will give you a great opportunity to get your brand in front of them more than once.