Lanyards Are In High Demand for Emergency Workers

The Wuhan virus, also known a cover-19, has caused havoc on the world that we live in. This virus that originated in Wuhan China has effected over a million people with over one hundred thousand death. People all around the world are suffering after it left China and effected almost every country on earth. The impact has not only been on the health of citizens of many countries but also on the economy. Millions of people have lost their jobs, many have been thrust into poverty due to this insidious virus.

Thankfully on the front line of this Wuhan virus we have had millions of health care workers fighting for our survival. Heroic nurses and doctors all over the world have sacrificed their time, and sometimes their lives, to battle the virus and keep us all safe. Without these front line workers who knows what would have happened. It would have been pandemonium. Surely once this is finished every country in the world will erect statues celebrating their contribution to public health.

One thing that we have seen all the nurses wearing, apart from their face masks, is lanyards. It is a common site to see a group of nurses all wearing lanyards around their necks. They all have their ID or security passes attached to them which means they down have to rummage around their pocked trying to find them. All they need to do is swipe them from their necks. It is the easiest think in the world when the thing you need is hanging from your neck. By having it attached to your lanyard it makes it even easier.

It is not just for nurses that lanyards are in high demand. They are also in demand for teachers and other contractor in the health system. Whilst all other product sales have fallen in the recent past the sale of lanyards has sky rocketed. That is because the humble lanyard has become an essential product for front-line workers to have.