Printed Lanyards Great For Sporting Events

Sporting and outdoor events are always a great way to promote your brand. Many companies utilised such events to build brand awareness and to give there customers a chance to experience there products and service.

Printed lanyards are a essential tool for any promotional sporting event. Most events may require a pass to get in so what better way for a customer to carry there pass then on a printed lanyard. Not only is it convenient but a printed lanyard allows for yet another space where you can print your company logo. The benefit of a printed lanyard are:

  • Great to attached security or entrance passes
  • Can be branded with your logo.
  • Can accomodate many other attachment like water bottle attachment
  • Is an inexpensive way to get your brand out there
  • Customer will likely continue to use the printed lanyardSo next time you are running and outdoor or sports marketing campaign be sure to think printed lanyards and more importantly EzyLanyards. Call us today for a quote.