Sublimated Luggage Strap

Digital Print Logo on Luggage Straps.


Is your business in travel? If so, we have the ultimate promotional item for you. Our Sublimated Luggage Strap is a great promotional item that you can provide to your customers when they book accommodation or travel with you. These luggage straps will allow your customers to easily identify their luggage, while also providing you brand exposure, not only in your own country but around the world.

While the Sublimated Luggage Straps are a little on the more expensive side, their photo finish quality will leave you with a bright and bold promotional product that is well made and will last many trips. The digital print on the Sublimated Luggage Strap lets your brand stand out amongst the normal luggage strap used.

With a print area of 1800mm x 50mm, you’ll be able to more than fit your brand’s logo and company message, and the adjustable buckle means your customers will be able to use the luggage strap on a variety of products. If you specialise in international travel, you can add a combination lock to the luggage strap to give your customers more protection when travelling.

As a travel agent or accommodation provider, it can be difficult to find the perfect promotional tool for your business – while pens or branded ticket holders are a great idea, these are either single-use items or are likely to get lost; a branded luggage strap on the other hand will be used over and over providing exposure to your brand over and over again.

If you’re in the market for a great promotional tool that will bring wide-ranging exposure, the Sublimated Luggage Strap is a great idea.