USB Wristbands Great For Promotions

USB’s and lanyards are great promotional tools for any business so why not combine the two with the branded USB wristband from Ezylanyards? Highly popular, these wristbands are a great option for your next corporate meeting, function or trade event; they are perfect for your sales staff to take to meetings with clients or as handy gifts for new clients.

Our promotional USB wristbands are a great way to get your business name out in front of potential clients and customers; with two good sized logo print spaces, your business name or message is going to be front and centre. There is one print area on the wristband of 140mm x 12mm and one on the USB of 20mm x 12mm.

Often with promotional USB’s you don’t get a great range in sizes, but with this wristband you get the option of memory from 1GB through to 32GB, and they can even be preloaded with data making them a great choice when you need to host a training day or want to provide your clients and customers with standard ordering forms, or copies of their contracts.

USB wristbands are such a handy item, and not just for businesses. For schools and other educational facilities they are a great way to provide students with their class times at the beginning of the year; while for non-profit organisations they are a great tool to get your name out to new supporters.

With a variety of colours available, a branded USB wristband from Ezylanyards is a great option for your next promotional item.