polyester printed lanyard

A Small Guide To Printed Lanyards

Printed lanyards are some of the most popular forms of identification today, because employees prefer them to identification tags and uniforms. Lanyards just seem to have a cool factor that most other forms of identification don’t have, so your employees are more willing to keep them on during work hours. Printed lanyards are also very comfortable and light so your employees would barely notice that they’re wearing them. At Ezy Lanyards, we aim to offer comprehensive information about our products so there’s a brief guide to about what you need to know about printed lanyards.

What are They?

As the name suggests, these lanyards have words or graphics printed on them according to your requirements. For example, you can print your brand name or logo on the lanyards for easy identification.

Does the Print Last?

We use the latest in printing techniques to get your logo or company name on the printed lanyards. They won’t fade easily and will stay vivid and visible for a long time. Most people replace their lanyards for design or colour changes rather than problems with the print.

What about Visibility?

Printed lanyards are highly visible because the print is in contrasting colours with the lanyard band. For example, a white or yellow print will pop bright against a black band or a PVC strip on a polyester band would stand out and immediately catch attention. As long as the lanyards are clean and well-maintained, the graphics or wording on them would be clearly visible to your customers.

Are they Comfortable?

Printed lanyards are very comfortable because they’re very lightweight. You won’t even notice them when you wear them unless there’s something very heavy attached to the lanyard. They’re also made from comfortable materials that won’t dig into your skin or cause any irritation.

Are they Easy to Clean?

Lanyards do come with care instructions but they’re very easy to clean. You can wash them in the sink with a mild soap and air-dry them overnight. That won’t take much time and wouldn’t damage the material or the print of the lanyards. We recommend you do so at the end of every week just to keep them hygienic and remove the build-up of dirt and sweat. You can wash them more or less often based on your needs and preferences, but we do recommend you clean them often.

Will They Have Enough Space for Logos?

Lanyards come in different widths and can easily accommodate a wide variety of logos. You can preview the design and see how the logo fits on the band before you decide. You can always just print your company name instead of the logo.

As an Australian owned and operated company, the quality of our printed lanyards is excellent. Our products are durable and well-crafted. We deliver Australia wide if you order a minimum of 100 pieces. Have any questions about lanyards or want to place an order? Get in touch with us at Ezy Lanyards through this contact us form. We’re also available on the phone so give us a call on 1300 753 675 and we’ll be happy to help.