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Are USB Wristbands Safe to Use?

USB wristbands are small bands that have a USB on the tips and can be wrapped around your wrist so you don’t lose track of them. They’re very useful and affordable but we at Ezy Lanyards have noticed that some customers hesitate to purchase them because they’re concerned about just how safe these USB wristbands are. Here’s a brief explanation of what you can expect from these wristbands.

High-Quality USB

These wristbands have very high-quality USBs that can easily withstand the rigours of travel and multiple uses. They’ll keep your data secure and uncorrupted for a long time. These USBs aren’t easily damaged so they’ll last for several years. You get considerable value for money from them because a single unit costs around $4.00. You can easily purchase 100 to 5,000 units at a time without breaking the bank so all your employees would have access to the USBs.

Resilient Straps

The USB wristbands have very resilient and durable straps as well. They are made from highly durable materials and can withstand a significant amount of wear and tear. The straps have been tested under several conditions and have proven to be strong and resilient. They can withstand heat, cold, and moisture to a reasonable degree, so you can expect them to bear Australian weather admirably. The brand wouldn’t snap easily under pressure so you don’t have to worry about someone trying to tear it from your wrist. The USB wristbands aren’t easy to cut so even if you take a pair scissors to it, you’ll have to spend some time and effort to cut through the band.

Secure Locking Mechanism

It’s relatively easy to lock and unlock the USB wristbands from your wrist but they won’t snap-off easily.  This secure mechanism ensures the wristband stays in place unless you want to remove it. You won’t have to worry about data loss or other such concerns.

Easily Identifiable

These wristbands are printable so you can add your company name and logo to the surface. They’re also available in a number of colours and can be matched according to your preferences. This would ensure the band is easily identifiable and doesn’t get lost in a crowded room. If it does get lost, someone can find it and send it to your company address at a later date.

USB wristbands are very safe to use and you can trust them to hold your data securely. They get lost easily and require minimal investment. You can also choose different memory capacities as we provide USBs from 1GB to 32GB.

As an Australian owned and operated company, the quality of our USB wristbands is excellent. Our products are durable and well-crafted. We deliver Australia wide if you order a minimum of 100 pieces. Have any questions about lanyards or want to place an order? Get in touch with us at Ezy Lanyards through this contact us form. We’re also available on the phone so give us a call on 1300 753 675 and we’ll be happy to help.