Promotional Lanyards

Events Return in 2021 Boom For Lanyards

The question on everyone’s lips is will the return of events in 2021 lead to a boom for lanyards. Last year was a tragic year mainly for all the people that died due to the Wuhan corona virus. It was also a year of hardship for individuals and businesses that had to endure months of rock downs and travel restrictions. All of this contributed to a down turn in the turn over for many corporations as their core activities were curtailed.

It is true that some businesses suffered more than others. The super market chains did a brisk trade as people did panic buying of toilet paper and pasta. The hardware chain benefited from idle workers turning to home improvements to pass the time. Others didn’t do so good. The events industry was hammered by the cancellation of events. The promotional industry which feeds them the merchandise they need also suffered tremendously.

Amongst the most effected of promotional items was lanyards. As we know printed lanyards are the mainstay of the events industry. Have you ever been to an event and not seen them handed out to participants? I doubt it very much. So you can imagine the impact it would have had on the sale of them during 2020. Hopefully with the pandemic finally under control at some point this year it should lead to a boom for lanyards and other promotional items. The events industry will certainly rejoice.


boom for lanyards