Printed Felt Short Strap

Short Strap or Wristband For Next Promotional Gift

It is never easy trying to pick your next promotional gift item. There are so many options out there it can be sometimes overwhelming. Especially in this day and age when budgets are tight and events are very seldom. If you are going to give something away it makes sense that you would want to make sure that you are giving away the best gift possible. There is no need to rush when you have all the time in the world to work out the best item to fit the bill. I know I always take my time when looking at promotional products for my marketing campaigns.

Two of the best items in times like now are short straps and wrist bands. Both of these items are super handy and they are very sort after when running a campaign or event. When you are looking at giving a promotional gift or branded product to a customer it is important that it will make an impact. Both short straps and promotional wristbands fit that description. What’s more they are both very practical items which can be easily incorporated in to any situation. Versatile items are all the rage in the promotional products field and you can’t do past these two items.

Covid Era Event

It these strange times we live in it is especially important to be aware of the dangers that lurk and the responsibilities that we must adhere to when trying to run events. Firstly any attempt to run an event must include the ability to track attendees and the number of people at any given setting. Handing out colour coded promotional wristbands is a great way to track your number. It is also an easy way to check that all those in attendance are actually meant to be there. If someone is not wearing a wristband then you know immediately that they should not be there as they are easy to spot out. Colour codes wristbands can also help manage where attendees are allowed to go. There might be restricted areas in your event or you might just want to confine a certain number of people to certain area. A custom wristband is a great way to do this.

Budget Conscious Promotional

Another important issue is budgets. Revenues are down across the board at the moment. Sure there might be the odd industries which is thriving but the vast majority of companies are feeling the pinch at the moment so cost savings are a reality. That is my most are now turning to more cost effective ways to promote their wares. That includes giving away products which give them more band for their buck. The short lanyard is one of those things. Whether they are in the liquor industry giving away a bottle opener or events wanted to attached something to a pass, the short lanyard is the way to go.