slap band

Slap Bands For Corona

It truly has been a year to forget. First the bush fires that ravaged so much of Australia and cause so much sadness and destruction. Then came the Wuhan corona virus which has cause so much distress world-wide. It has literally hit every corner of the globe. Not since WWII has there been an event which effected so many people on a global scale. This time though it wasn’t guns and bombs cause the mayhem but a single virus. An invisible thing which nobody saw coming.

Thankfully there is a light at the end of the tunnel. At some point very soon we will be able to look back at all of this and get on with our lives. In the mean-time it is important that we continue to take care as the economy starts to open up and people start gathering again in numbers. To help deal with such events it will be necessary to inform and identify people at such gatherings. To that end there will be a place for slap bands.  Slap bands are simply a wristband which to slap across your wrists to snap it shut. Slap bands are constructed with silicone with a metal sprint type mechanism imbedded beneath.

How Can Slap Bands Help?

Slap bands are unique in they they are easy to wear and even easier to take off or put on. The ease with which they can be applied makes them the perfect accessory for any event. When you have so many people coming and going to an event it is important to be able to process them quickly. With a slap band it is easy. Just slap and go. Slap and go. It is as easy as that. Then when you need to take it off the attendee with just a flick of the wrist they are off. They are indeed the easiest wristband to put on and take off. With other kinds of wristband you sometimes need different sizes to accomodate the person you are giving them to. With a slap band it is easy because it is practically a one size fits all proposition.

Aren’t All Wristbands The Same?

It is easy to see why people would think that all wristbands are the same. The truth is they are not. They come in different sizes and different colours. There are also different branding options depending what your needs are. With slap bands you generally just want to print. Whether it is a logo or a message or even a QR code, printing is the best option. Printing is the cheapest option which can be done off-shore or even by local printers. That is what makes it so suitable for printing a slap band.