Custom Wristbands in a Lanyards World

The world is awash with promotional products and all sorts of things to promote a business. There is social media, traditional media, print media, all sorts of business guides and search engines. With all the options available to a business it is often hard to decide where to put ones advertising dollars. Do I put it here? Do I put it there? Nobody really knows the answer definitively and they wouldn’t tell you if they did. It is like a huge mystery that would take the magic of ten Harry Potters to unravel. They are whole sections devoted to it in the library, all with conflicting opinions. Yet somehow through it all there is a shining light to guide you to the land of marketing miracles.

The thing with promo is that you need to think simple. To simplify is to wade through the murky waters they keep you from find what you are looking for. Keeping it simple also means keeping it inexpensive. Sure you can throw thousands or even millions of dollars behind your brand what what have you really achieve. Keeping it simple means looking for the products which will give you success without breaking the bank balance. Two such items come to mind. One is the wristband or custom wristbands. The other is the lanyard or custom lanyards. Both custom lanyards and custom wristbands are the answer to any marketing managers prayers. They tick all the boxes when it comes to making the right decision about where to put your marketing dollars.

Custom Wristbands have been around a long time now. I went to a judo competition the other day and they were handing out custom wristbands to both all the competitors and the champions. So if you were competing you got a custom wristband with the word “competitor” printed on it. Then if you won a medal you also got a wristband with the word “Champion” printed on it. I found it interesting that they were handing out both but I guess it would make all the participants feel special. This is understanding considering that it was a kids competition. By giving out the printed wristbands they were giving the kids something to remind them of the day and maybe put on their shelf and be proud of.

Funny enough there were also custom lanyards at the same competition. All the officials were wearing customer printed lanyards with the word “Official” printed on it. I guess they want to distinguish between officials and the normal people so that people know who was who. This makes sense as there were adults mixed in with children so identity was an important fact. What this went to show was how practical a products custom lanyards are. That have so many applications that one never knows where to stop. If you ever thought they were just for conferences you would have been wrong. Indeed both custom lanyards and custom wristbands have a multitude of uses out there in the business and sporting world and beyond. All it takes is a bit of imagination.