Slap Bands the Great Event Pleaser

Every now and then there comes along a great product that is so versatile and useful that you can help but get exited. Planning for an event whether it be a promotional event, corporate event or any other marketing event can be difficult enough as it is without having to worry about would product line up you will need to make it successful. So when a promotional product comes along that ticks all the boxes you can’t help but have that warm feeling in your stomach. One such product that you will love to get to know if the slap band. Slap bands are a great product that you will keep using again and again when hosting you events.

The best thing about slap bands is that that can be used wherever and whenever you want. What better way to safely hold your next corporate event than to give out printed slap bands to the participants. When it comes to corporate events products one product you will consistently find these days is indeed the slap band. Whilst you might see them at most events it is not the only product you will find. There are heap of other things you would find like;

  • Branded bottled water
  • Custom Branded Caps
  • Custom Apparel

The one thing that these products don’t have in common with slap bands is that they are not as inexpensive. With promotional products and marketing the key is getting the most bang for your buck. With slap bands you get just that. You get good bang for your buck. At the end of the day have an effective marketing strategy means spreading your marketing budgets as wide as you can so that you can reach the most amount of customers. With slap bands you can do that because they only cost a cost a couple of bucks.


Slap Bands For Promotional Products

Do you remember growing up and playing with Slap Bands?

We’ll they’re back and in a big way!

The Slap Band is making its way back as the perfect promotional tool for your business, especially if you provide products and services for children.

Our printed Slap Bands are available in two different sizes – small (215mm x 25mm) and large (240mm x 30mm). Both have a great print space of 165mm x 17mm (small) and 180mm x 22mm (large) that you’ll have plenty of room to get your message across.

These are a great novelty item, and are often used by companies who supply products and services to children and their families, whether it be recreational services such as sport or health services.

The great thing about slap bands is that they keep on getting played with – they aren’t a one-off promotional product. Our Slap Bands are attractive to children with their bright customisable colours, that your branding is sure to get noticed.

Slap bands are also perfect for older children and teenagers at events, festivals and concerts. They are a great way to identify attendees and have a novelty factor that never goes away.

Here at EzyLanyards, we have a range of promotional wristbands, but our branded Slap Bands are becoming one of our most popular options whether it be for schools, educational facilities, recreational facilities or sporting groups.

Slap Bands are a budget friendly way of promoting your business, and with a large range of colours and customisation available, these are the perfect branded product for your next event.