Lanyards Never Go Out of Style

There are a number of promotional products which will always be a staple product. They are the kind of product that no matter what the technological changes or changes in fashion there will always be a use for them. One such product is the humble lanyard. Lanyards have been around for decades now and they never seem to go out of fashion. Just like other promotional products such as mugs, power banks, caps and pens they have been around for a long time now because they have a use. It is precisely their usefulness which has made them persist.

Promotional lanyards will always be popular for one main reason. You can put them around your neck. That is they are easy to wear and don’t clash with what the person is already wearing. Also they are extremely useful. You can literally attach anything to them from your keys, security passes, water bottles and the list goes on and on. Also from a promotional perspective they are a great item. They are inexpensive making them a no brainer for any marketing department. Also they are easy to brand. And when it comes to branding you can print almost any logo because you have both screen print and digital print options.

Luggage Straps For Winter Promotions

What do promotional luggage straps have to do with winter you may ask. Heaps. Winter is a time that more than any other people start thinking about leaving town and heading to a more agreeable climate. It is around this time of year that people start planning their mid-year vacation. It has been a long time since summer and as the cold sets in there is nothing better then heading off somewhere warmer. The travel companies know this which is why you start seeing specials to such location as Hawaii, Fiji and Croatia around this time of year.

Knowledge is power and knowing your consumer’s habits is a powerful tool when planning your marking campaigns. Knowing that the mid-year holiday rush is about to begin is a good time to incorporate some luggage straps into your promotional products range. Luggage straps are an inexpensive but durable promotional product which will give you long lasting payback. The ROI for such a  small item is huge. For just a couple of bucks per customer you can get your name out there far and wide. Luggage straps are one of the items that people use whenever they travel. They help them identify their bags whilst keeping them safe and strong.

The branding options for luggage straps are also excellent. So if no matter what kind of logo you have this product which accomodate. The options include everything from screen print, sublimation print to the woven option. So if you are looking for a great winter promotional item then look no further.

Slap Bands For Promotional Products

Do you remember growing up and playing with Slap Bands?

We’ll they’re back and in a big way!

The Slap Band is making its way back as the perfect promotional tool for your business, especially if you provide products and services for children.

Our printed Slap Bands are available in two different sizes – small (215mm x 25mm) and large (240mm x 30mm). Both have a great print space of 165mm x 17mm (small) and 180mm x 22mm (large) that you’ll have plenty of room to get your message across.

These are a great novelty item, and are often used by companies who supply products and services to children and their families, whether it be recreational services such as sport or health services.

The great thing about slap bands is that they keep on getting played with – they aren’t a one-off promotional product. Our Slap Bands are attractive to children with their bright customisable colours, that your branding is sure to get noticed.

Slap bands are also perfect for older children and teenagers at events, festivals and concerts. They are a great way to identify attendees and have a novelty factor that never goes away.

Here at EzyLanyards, we have a range of promotional wristbands, but our branded Slap Bands are becoming one of our most popular options whether it be for schools, educational facilities, recreational facilities or sporting groups.

Slap Bands are a budget friendly way of promoting your business, and with a large range of colours and customisation available, these are the perfect branded product for your next event.