Promotional PET lanyard

Promotional Lanyards – #1 Branded Product for 2021

Are branded products a good idea for your business in 2021? Yes, it’s proven that branded products do make sense for your business.

Giving away branded promotional products have been a powerful marketing tactics for many years. While there’s no denying that people love free items, it was evident that branded products can acquire customers’ trust and loyalty.

However, there are plenty of branded products out there that can be overwhelming for anyone to look through. But one of the most popular choices for 2021 in terms of favorites, price and efficiency were promotional lanyards.

Why Lanyards Are #1 Branded Product For 2021?

Lanyards are popular business items that are used by everyone everywhere. They are commonly used to display ID cards for corporations, schools, conventions, trade fairs, hospitals and a lot more. However, not many people are aware that this simple item can create a huge impact to a business when used for branding and leveraging your company’s image.

Not only are they inexpensive and convenient, they are also very stylish and can be designed according to your marketing requirements. A customised lanyard gives a professional look to your brand while allowing the user to conveniently wear their ID cards or badges and feel safe and secure.

Indeed, promotional lanyards can win against other promotional products. A single lanyard can expose your brand to thousands, and even millions of potential customers. Most importantly, people will appreciate them because they have so many uses.

Types Of Branded Lanyards

Not all lanyards are created equal. With so many options, how do you choose the right promotional lanyards for your business? First, you need to identify the different types of lanyards. Here are some of the popular branded lanyards for 2021;


Bootlace makes showcasing your brand easy and smooth with its light and comfortable lanyards. It is budget priced, yet provides a variety of attachments, sizes and colours.


This lanyard is not only durable but can withstand lots of weight. It is thick, tough and comes in vivid colours and designs.

Polyester Ribbed

Bright and casual, this lanyard does not easily wear out and could immediately catch the eye. It’s a very popular marketing giveaway due to price and versatility.

Polyester Satin

Combining the advantages of polyester and satin, this lanyard will give your brand a casual, attractive and luxurious appearance. This promotional item is often vividly coloured and has sheen to make a memorable impact.


It offers a new level of detail and allows for full colour designs. This lanyard is suitable for anyone wanting a complex design yet superb look.

After choosing the type of lanyard for your brand, consider the size of your logo or message. Depending on the space available on the lanyard, you can add some information like your website, telephone number or a call-to-action.

Branded lanyards are no longer just a simple piece of material. It helps businesses achieve their marketing goals, make individuals look more professional and encourage team spirit among employees. The variety of lanyards may seem overwhelming. The key to a successful marketing is knowing your audience and their needs.

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