Custom Promotional Satin Lanyards

Stylish lanyards can make all the difference when it comes to promoting your business through your staff or customers. Lanyards are a great promotional tool, whether your staff use them every day, or they are given away at events and conferences. Our Satin Lanyards are well made and look good, and are perfect for corporate events and functions.

Promotional lanyards are used by many businesses, but often they are a one-size approach, meaning that no matter how good the print looks, it still may not suit your business style if it’s too wide or too thin. Our Satin Lanyard addresses these problems by coming in three different widths with three different print areas.

Our 15mm lanyard has a print area of 800mm x 11mm, our 20mm satin lanyard has a print area of 800mm x 16mm and our 25mm satin lanyard has a print area of 800mm x 21mm. These three sizes give you plenty of opportunities, and allow you to choose the right sized lanyard for both your logo printing and business requirements.

The Satin Lanyard is a budget friendly option that still looks great in any setting. There are a number of attachments and accessories available to complete your lanyard. Attachments include J Hook, Dog Clip and Alligator Clip, while you can choose from accessories including PVC Card Holders, Retractable Card Holders, connectors and bottle holders.

Lanyards are a great way to promote your business – many of your customers will use them regularly, and when provided to staff members, they can be a long term budget friendly marketing tool that gets your business name in front of potential customers.

Our promotional Satin Lanyards look good, and are long lasting, making them a great option for any business. Call Ezy Lanyards today.

Branded Felt Short Strap

Are you looking for a great promotional tool that’s slightly different to what your competitors are using? Our branded Felt Short Straps are a great idea for any of your customers or staff members to use as promotional key rings, or as a great option to keep security access cards safe.

Our Felt Short Straps are available with a large print area of 97.6mm x 21mm which gives you plenty of space for your logo print or marketing or branding message. They are a great addition to conference bags, welcome packs for new clients or as part of your staff induction. With such a large range of colours available, we’ve no doubt that you will find something to suit your branding.

Lanyards are continuing to be a popular option for many businesses as a way to promote their services, and you can get in on this with a promotional Felt Short Strap from EzyLanyards.

Our Felt Short Straps aren’t just a great tool for office settings though. For those staff members you have working on a building site or outdoors, our short straps can be attached to a carabiner on one end and then attached to a site card or an ID card through the included split ring, providing easy identification of tradespeople.

Branded Felt Short Straps, available from EzyLanyards, are a great marketing tool for any business. These short straps look good and are long lasting which means your business will continue to get promoted daily.

If your business is in need of a promotional lanyard product that is different from what your competitors are using, try our promotional Felt Short Straps.

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