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This time of year companies are seeking out products to add to their summer campaigns to help them promote their goods and services to the masses. Whilst it is not alway easy to choose something suitable for a campaign with a bit of thought it is always a possibility. This is as true in the rest of Australia as it is in Melbourne. There are a large number of companies based in Melbourne and the same issues revolving around marketing campaigns exist there as they do in the rest of the country. Fortunately corporates in Melbourne have an excellent section of supplier when it comes to looking up Custom lanyards Melbourne.

One of the greatest thing about living and working in Melbourne is that if you need a supplier there are a lot of options available. So if a company were looking for custom lanyards in Melbourne there would be a good chance that they could find one. This makes it all the more reason to add custom lanyards to a marketing campaign or to utilise for a special event. After all lanyards are a practical product which will resonate with the recipients. It always has and it always will. Who would not want a lanyard or even a custom printed lanyards.

When you find a company to supplier your custom lanyards such as EzyLanyards it might be a good time to enquiry about some other interesting and practical promotional products. Being that Melbourne is such a hub for travel and good options might be Personalised luggage straps. They are also a great gift when you are thinking about something that your customer won’t just like but will absolutely love. They look great wrapped around your luggage and you might even want to incorporate Melbourne into the log. Something live “Great to be from Melbourne”. That would be sure to impress.

Another great one is USB wristbands. These would go well with the personalise luggage strap. Image you get a personalised luggage strap and also a USB wristband with travel information and the like. That would be a great combination for a corporate gift, especially if it is for a travel themed promotion. The USB wristband would be a great addition as the person could store their travel photos and itinerary. What a great idea if I must say so myself. The best thing is that it is conveniently wrapped round your wrist and can be easily detached or re-attached if the need arises.


Wristbands for a Cheap and Useful Promotion

One of the hardest things to do in marketing is to keep your budget in check. As we all know it is easy to spend money and it all adds up. With promotional products the old adage is true; “A penny saved is a penny earned”. So when thinking about where to spend your money you can’t go past wristbands. A wristband is one of the cheapest promotional products you can find. With a wristband you know you will get a lot of mileage for your dollar. Especially where you are hosting a large event with a lot of attendees a wristband will be both adaptable and memorable all together.

When thinking about adding a promotional wristband it is good to know that you have many options from which to chose. Sure you can just go with the run of the mill plain wristband. I mean it can be printed and comes in a lot of colour options so you can’t go wrong. But if you are looking to do something special then it is a good idea to think of the other options available to you. If you thought you didn’t have a lot of choices with custom wristbands then you are definitely wrong. Below is some food for thought when it comes to wristbands.

Have you ever heard about embossing and debossing. First embossing is where you have a raised surface. So in the context of the silicone wristband the logo will be raised which you will be able to feel when you run your finger across it. embossing is a branding option which is used often where there is a desire to enhance the look of a product. It is often also used in textiles and other product categories. With promotional wristbands it is a fantastic option for adding appeal to the product. Debossing on the other hand is where the logo is indented into the  wristband. Again it is a great method of branding which adds value to the product without incurring a huge cost. In fact both methods are very inexpensive cost not any more then a basic print.

If you are looking for something a little more fun then it is worth considering a slap band. A slap band if basically a silicone wristband which when slapped across the wrist wraps itself around the wrist. The slap band can be printed with your logo and can come packed flat or wrapped. They are a great little promotional product. It is especially great if you are targeting the youth market which is generally more receptive to fun products and gadgets.

So if you are planning a promotional campaign or have an event coming up then please consider a wristband. Believe me you can’t go wrong.


Silicone Wristband for Corporate Events

Silicone wristbands are becoming increasingly popular at corporate events. They are an inexpensive promotional products which allow the organisers to really re-enforce their brand at the event and with their clientele. Organisers of corporate events find many uses for silicone wrist bands which include:

  • ID of attendees to ensure any intruders are easily notices.
  • Safety of attendees and peace of mind they are in a safe place.
  • Re-inforcing the brand and show-casing a logo or message.
  • Improved visibility by using fluorescent or glow in the dark wristbands.

Silicone wristband are easy paired up with other promotional items such as lanyards, water bottles, custom USBs etc which are all inexpensive but and value to the event of campaign.

Silicone wristbands are also a playful item which can help attendees better engage in an event especially where there are children or young adults involved.

So consider custom silicone wristbands for your next corporate event and contact Ezy Lanyards for information and pricing.


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