Nylon Lanyards The Strongest Lanyards

In the world of promotional products durability is the key to any promotional item. It is not enough just knowing that you are going to give someone something with your logo on it. You want to know that the products that you are giving will be in use for a long time. I mean what is the point of giving something to someone if it is going to be gone the next day or the day after that. You want to know that it will stand the test of time and be around for a long time. The longer that it survives the test of time the more value it is to you and your company. One such a product is nylon lanyards.

Nylon lanyards belong to the lanyard family which is a cord or strap worn around the neck, shoulder, or wrist to carry such items as keys or identification cards. You have long lanyards which go around your neck or shoulders and then you have the short lanyard, also know as a short strap, which you carry around your wrist. Lanyards come in different colours and are made from various material and are generally printed with a company logo and given to staff and customers. The nylon lanyard is one such lanyards and is immensely popular amongst the lanyard using population.

Nylon lanyards are particularly popular precisely because they are so strong. Think of your seatbelt in your car. What material is your seatbelt made from? It is made from nylon. And why is it made from nylon? It is made from nylon material because it needs to be strong and there can’t be any possibility that it will break in the event of an accident. The same can be said of a nylon lanyard. It needs to be strong so that it can’t break. If you are carrying your security pass or keys on your lanyard then you can surely appreciate this.

In the world of promotional products the nylon lanyard can be printed with a corporate logo of message. Also it can come with generic print terms such as “Staff” or “Security” etc. As it is worn around the neck and in a very prominent position it is great as an identification method. What makes it even better when it is made from nylon is that you know it will last.

Promotional Nylon Lanyards

Lanyards are a popular promotional item for many businesses; whether using them for your staff on a day to day basis, selling them as promotional merchandise, or giving them away as gifts, our Nylon Lanyards are a long lasting, long wearing branded item that you can add to your marketing collateral.

The Nylon Lanyard is available in three sizes – 15mm (800mm x 11mm print space), 20mm (800mm x 16mm print space) and 25mm (800mm x 21mm print space). These three sizes give you plenty of print space for your logo or branding, and allow you to customise them to your requirements.

Our lanyards come with a variety of clips allowing you to use then for a number of situations and settings. Our Alligator Clip is perfect for attaching ID or name badges to in the workplace or at functions and events; the J Hook is great for attaching to security passes while the Dog Clip allows for attaching keys.

Many of our customers use the branded Nylon Lanyard for events, functions and training sessions, purchasing our PVC card holders (which come in three different sizes) to use to hold ID cards.

The Nylon Lanyard is also perfect for sporting clubs, where the lanyard can be branded with the club’s or teams name and logo. When added with one of our bottle holder attachments, these lanyards are a great way for players to not lose or misplace their drink bottles on match day.

If you need a budget friendly, but good quality promotional lanyard for your business, you can’t go past our branded Nylon Lanyard.