Kickstart Your Business With Lanyards

Kick Start Your Business

With all these lock downs it can be a real drain on any business. Just as we think that momentum is picking up we get pulled down again with yet another disruption. It is hard to complain because it is a global issue effecting billions but its effect is undeniable. Luckily you can kick start your business with lanyards. It is a great way to re-engage with your customers and build customer loyalty. Learn how printed lanyards can help your business.

Get Your Brand On Some Printed Lanyards

Although most events are still cancelled and won’t be back any time soon there are still opportunities to get printed lanyards around the necks of your customers. Whilst they may not be going to large scale events at the moment it doesn’t mean they aren’t going anywhere. People are still out and about and there are great opportunities to engage with your customer base. Printed lanyards are an inexpensive and effective way to do just that.

All Sorts Of Printed Lanyards

They best thing about printed lanyards is that there are a variety of options available to you. The most popular and inexpensive lanyard is polyester ribbed lanyards. They are durable and easy to print which is what makes them a staple of the promotional products industry. That said they are not the only option around. Take for example nylon lanyards. They are what you go for when you really need a sturdy item which will survive the lest of time.

So there you have it. If you are looking to kickstart your business after these long lockdowns then give Ezy Lanyards a call. Our friendly staff are always happy to help.

Printed Lanyards

Lanyards For Future Events

With the corona virus finally coming under control we can finally start to look to a brighter future. When restrictions start getting lifted and more people are vaccinated we will be able to plan for events. This presents a great opportunity to promote your brand. One way you will able to do it is with lanyards.

Lanyards are a great promotional tool as they are practical and are something that will be used more than just once – they can be used over and over providing you with multiple marketing opportunities that you may not normally receive. Luggage tags give you the benefit of promoting your company to an interstate or international audience and short straps are a great every day way of getting your company name out there. In other words greatly expanding your brands’ reach.

Printed Lanyards

Printed lanyards are an easy way of getting your brand out to a wider audience. With a large range of uses, from events and functions through to day to day staff uses, a promotional lanyard will promote your business to an audience you may not typically reach through your normal marketing activities.

When purchasing promotional lanyards, it is important to think about the image your brand is putting across – a good quality printed lanyard will look good and bring a professional style to your business, while a lower quality lanyard will make it seem like you aren’t worried about your brand’s image.

Here at Ezy Lanyards we have a range of promotional lanyards, from leather look lanyards through to sublimation lanyards to suit your business and the brand style you are aiming for.

Lanyards For Future Events

How Corona Virus and Return of Events

One of the most effect industries due to the corona virus outbreak has been the events industry. As soon as the virus was deemed a danger to society all events have been put on hold. That has meant no conferences, no trade fairs and certainly no exhibitions. The flow on effect on businesses that supply these events has been immense.

When you think of the promotional products industry it has had an enormous impact. One of the major parts of any promotional products supply business is events. Unfortunately not one have event been shut down but many of the other things they depend on like:

  • Travel
  • Accomodation
  • Education

All the above industry require branded products so when they went off-line the effect was immense. Imagine all the student orientation days, travel conferences etc that didn’t take place. It has been an absolute disaster for many people and the businesses they own or work for.

Luckily things are picking up. Travel is slowly returning, although not international travel. Eventually international students will need to come back. Even events will come back at some point. The one thing that will get us there is vaccines.

Problem and Hope of Vaccines

All the vaccines that are being developed offer some hope for normality. Once we reach herd immunity then boarders will be able to open and things will get back to normal. It doesn’t help that there has been some problems with a few of the vaccines and the issue with blood clots. It will most likely act as a deterrent for some people. In the end though I am sure they will work it all out.

So let hope that things get back to normal and lanyards will again reign supreme like they have for years.



Lanyards or Slap Bands For Your Next Event

Deciding what to use at your events is not always a clear cut task. With every event there is a kind of image that you are trying to portray when you are hosting customers or business associates. Then there is the demographic of your attendees. Their age group and social status could very well influence a number of factors in organising. The question is do you go with lanyards or do you prefer slap bands.

There are all sorts of events out there. Some are more formal and some are less. Whether you are having a black tie event or a dance party do still need to identify your attendees. I would say that if you were having a dance party you would be more likely to use slap bands. They are more of a youth orientated item and you wouldn’t want people yanking on each others lanyards whilst they are dancing.

With more sophisticated events such as conferences you would probably be looking at using lanyards. They are more of an adult product and look more formal. Also there is a higher likelihood that the recipient will use them so other purposes in the future.

Which is why when it comes to choosing between lanyards and slap bands for your next event it pays to think about it.

Custom Printed Slap Bands

What Travel Restriction Mean For Printed Luggage Straps

Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic are affecting travelers all around the world. Many countries implemented travel bans and compulsory quarantine measures for travellers due to the huge COVID cases and the spread of its new variant. Travel restriction and luggage straps are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Since then, travel packing has dramatically changed including the items on your list. Not only are public transportation companies and airports instituting necessary precautions and procedures, but travelers themselves must also be prepared to keep them safe all the time.

With the number of virus cases continuing to climb, public health specialists and the Government are discouraging bringing nonessential items. Obviously, the most important things you should add on your packing list are the mask, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, gloves, contactless credit card, toilet paper, pen and water bottle. And of course, a printed luggage straps to keep your luggage safe and secure.

Importance Of Printed Luggage Straps In Travel Restriction

Today, all airlines have packing and baggage restrictions. Aside from following the standard maximum weight, ensuring your personal belongings are safe and intact with printed luggage straps is very crucial.

This is due to the fact that not all suitcases are built efficienctly and not all of us can afford to buy expensive ones. Using accessories such as a luggage strap just make sense for the wiser traveler.

What are printed luggage straps?

You don’t want to receive a suitcase in an unpleasant state when you retrieve it to the pick-up point, do you? Or find your stuff strewn along the luggage because the zipper broke. That’s why luggage straps are vital.

Printed luggage straps are made from thick and durable material that you bind around your suitcase. It works as a safety measure in case you overpacked or a zipper worn down. Furthermore, securing your belongings is an important precaution to take especially this COVID pandemic in order to reduce the opportunity for cross-contamination.

But printed luggage straps have other significant benefits:

  • They are usually bright and colorful. Thus, your suitcase will be easier to spot and no more instances of potentially losing your bag. Additionally, you will not be spending a hard time identifying your bags from other suitcases that almost look the same in the baggage carousel.
  • Some straps can secure two or more luggage set. You can strap your suitcases together with some regular luggage straps so you don’t have to struggle to move around.
  • Mishandled luggage is very common in a lot of terminals and airports. Printed luggage straps provide added security and protection to your checked baggage. You can bind them individually with TSA-approved locks so your suitcases can avoid possible damage and are protected the scrutiny of unauthorized persons.

If you have plans of traveling locally or internationally while in pandemic restriction, keep the above information in mind. Remember, only bring certain items that may protect your health and help keep you from getting sick. Also, don’t forget to secure your belongings with printed luggage straps for a smooth and worry-free journey. Even bring along some lanyards.

Travel Restriction And Printed Luggage Straps

Travel Restriction And Printed Luggage Straps

Events Return in 2021 Boom For Lanyards

The question on everyone’s lips is will the return of events in 2021 lead to a boom for lanyards. Last year was a tragic year mainly for all the people that died due to the Wuhan corona virus. It was also a year of hardship for individuals and businesses that had to endure months of rock downs and travel restrictions. All of this contributed to a down turn in the turn over for many corporations as their core activities were curtailed.

It is true that some businesses suffered more than others. The super market chains did a brisk trade as people did panic buying of toilet paper and pasta. The hardware chain benefited from idle workers turning to home improvements to pass the time. Others didn’t do so good. The events industry was hammered by the cancellation of events. The promotional industry which feeds them the merchandise they need also suffered tremendously.

Amongst the most effected of promotional items was lanyards. As we know printed lanyards are the mainstay of the events industry. Have you ever been to an event and not seen them handed out to participants? I doubt it very much. So you can imagine the impact it would have had on the sale of them during 2020. Hopefully with the pandemic finally under control at some point this year it should lead to a boom for lanyards and other promotional items. The events industry will certainly rejoice.


boom for lanyards

Promotional Lanyards – #1 Branded Product for 2021

Are branded products a good idea for your business in 2021? Yes, it’s proven that branded products do make sense for your business.

Giving away branded promotional products have been a powerful marketing tactics for many years. While there’s no denying that people love free items, it was evident that branded products can acquire customers’ trust and loyalty.

However, there are plenty of branded products out there that can be overwhelming for anyone to look through. But one of the most popular choices for 2021 in terms of favorites, price and efficiency were promotional lanyards.

Why Lanyards Are #1 Branded Product For 2021?

Lanyards are popular business items that are used by everyone everywhere. They are commonly used to display ID cards for corporations, schools, conventions, trade fairs, hospitals and a lot more. However, not many people are aware that this simple item can create a huge impact to a business when used for branding and leveraging your company’s image.

Not only are they inexpensive and convenient, they are also very stylish and can be designed according to your marketing requirements. A customised lanyard gives a professional look to your brand while allowing the user to conveniently wear their ID cards or badges and feel safe and secure.

Indeed, promotional lanyards can win against other promotional products. A single lanyard can expose your brand to thousands, and even millions of potential customers. Most importantly, people will appreciate them because they have so many uses.

Types Of Branded Lanyards

Not all lanyards are created equal. With so many options, how do you choose the right promotional lanyards for your business? First, you need to identify the different types of lanyards. Here are some of the popular branded lanyards for 2021;


Bootlace makes showcasing your brand easy and smooth with its light and comfortable lanyards. It is budget priced, yet provides a variety of attachments, sizes and colours.


This lanyard is not only durable but can withstand lots of weight. It is thick, tough and comes in vivid colours and designs.

Polyester Ribbed

Bright and casual, this lanyard does not easily wear out and could immediately catch the eye. It’s a very popular marketing giveaway due to price and versatility.

Polyester Satin

Combining the advantages of polyester and satin, this lanyard will give your brand a casual, attractive and luxurious appearance. This promotional item is often vividly coloured and has sheen to make a memorable impact.


It offers a new level of detail and allows for full colour designs. This lanyard is suitable for anyone wanting a complex design yet superb look.

After choosing the type of lanyard for your brand, consider the size of your logo or message. Depending on the space available on the lanyard, you can add some information like your website, telephone number or a call-to-action.

Branded lanyards are no longer just a simple piece of material. It helps businesses achieve their marketing goals, make individuals look more professional and encourage team spirit among employees. The variety of lanyards may seem overwhelming. The key to a successful marketing is knowing your audience and their needs.

Promotional Lanyards