What Are Lanyards and What Are They Good For

Everybody knows that song “War what is it good for, absolutely nothing, say it again! Hah!” The song was written by Norman Whitfield and Barret Strong and had The Temptations as the original vocalists. Motown Records then decided to re-record the song with Edwin Starr which is the version that was a number one hit on Billboard Hot 100 in 1970. It is also the version that people would be most familiar with today even though artist such as Bruce Springsteen and Frankie Goes to Hollywood also did their own versions. Even Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker did a version in their hit movie Rush Hour and Rush Hour 3. How can forget the Seinfeld episode whether Elaine believes Jerry when he says that Tolstoy originally wanted to call “War and Peace” by the name “War, what is it good for”.

When it comes to lanyards people might ask the same question. They might ask “Lanyards what are they good for”. The difference with lanyards and the title of the hit single by Whitfield and Strong is that lanyards are good for something. Say it again! You see lanyards are a very useful product. One may even say they are the most useful product even to be invented. You see whilst war is not good for anything, lanyards most certainly are. Lanyards have been around for a long time now. People have used them in one form or another for millennia now. People have alway found a need to hang something around their need to keep something close to them. The modern day version is just a refined incarnation of what has been use for a long time now.

Lanyards For Christmas

It is that time of year again when we need to sit down and figure out what to get people for Christmas. You know I do all the google marketing for the website and as part of that I can see the search terms people use to land in the site. I helps we weed out the search terms that I don’t want attracted to the website. At the end of the day you pay for the clicks and you don’t want to be paying for clicks that are not related. You see google allows you to use negative keywords which means it blocks those keywords from showing your ad. This is good because you don’t someone searching for a Versace lanyard coming to a site that sells custom printed lanyards. I mean people search for all sorts of stuff which includes lanyards. I have a website that sells pens. However sometime when people search pens they are actually searching for chicken pens and not writing pens.

Which leads me to the benefit of providing lanyards as a Christmas present. Obviously the broader community also has a need for lanyards otherwise they would not be searching for lanyards for personal use. If they are search for this kind of lanyard and that kind of lanyard then they have a need for them beyond the corporate world. If this is the reason why they make such a great gift anyway. So yes they should be given as corporate gifts to clients and customers. They should also be given away to the broader community who you know will use them and how you know with spread your brand in the process. What better way to make a lasting impact in the community than to provide them which is so sort after and necessary in their daily lives.


Travelling With Personalised Luggage Straps

I often travel. Truth be know I like to travel. I go to Hong Kong and China for the fairs. They happen twice a year but I only ever go once. Although this year I skipped due to the current mayhem. I go to Hawaii usually every other year. We used to go every year but have cut back. I have been to Vegas a couple of times for the CES. I haven’t been in a while but would like to go again at some point. I also go to Europe often. In the last two years I have been like five times. Mainly because of family, and having to come back here periodically for work. So I pretty much know what I am talking about when it comes to travel. I have my little routines when I travel. Things that may it easier to travel. One of the things I never forget to do is bring along my personalised luggage strap.

I usually only check in one bag so I only need one luggage strap. I have a white one with some black writing on it. It really stands out so I always take it. I take it for a number of reasons. Firstly I like to keep my back intact. You know those crazy baggage handler, God bless their souls, like to throw the backs around as they are handling them. They also stack them high with other bags. I guess they need to fit them in the aircraft somehow. My worry though is that my bag will burst with all the pressure. That is why I use my luggage strap It keeps it tight and I don’t need to rely on the zipper to keep the bag closed.

The other reason I use a luggage strap is security. You know a few years ago the were issues with people putting stuff in your bag. Then there was the Chappelle Corby incident, and me believing her innocence decided that it would be better to further secure my luggage. Yes I do have a combination lock on my bag but I figure it doesn’t hurt to put a strap and I reckon it would act as a deterrent considering there are other bags that done. Some people wrap their bags with plastic, which in someways is a good idea. I prefer not to waste so much plastic so I use my personalised luggage strap instead. It does the job nicely and I haven’t had any issues yet.

The final reason I use the personalised luggage strap is it makes it easier to identify my bag when I gets on the carousel. You have all the bags on the carousel and sometimes it is hard to figure out which is yours. Most bags are the same colour and there are so many of them so anything to make it easier is welcome. My luggage strap is very distinctive so I notice it straight away. I remember a guy on the TV show “Border Security”. They went to check his bag and asked him if it was his, to which he replied in the affirmative. When they opened it he said it wasn’t his. Obviously they didn’t believe him because she previously said it was his. Long story short, they ended up finding a bag which was identical and had the identical strap on it. I never thought it could happen but there it was. Point being, it is better to have a personalised luggage strap or one that is a bit unique so you don’t suffer the same fate.

Custom Wristbands in a Lanyards World

The world is awash with promotional products and all sorts of things to promote a business. There is social media, traditional media, print media, all sorts of business guides and search engines. With all the options available to a business it is often hard to decide where to put ones advertising dollars. Do I put it here? Do I put it there? Nobody really knows the answer definitively and they wouldn’t tell you if they did. It is like a huge mystery that would take the magic of ten Harry Potters to unravel. They are whole sections devoted to it in the library, all with conflicting opinions. Yet somehow through it all there is a shining light to guide you to the land of marketing miracles.

The thing with promo is that you need to think simple. To simplify is to wade through the murky waters they keep you from find what you are looking for. Keeping it simple also means keeping it inexpensive. Sure you can throw thousands or even millions of dollars behind your brand what what have you really achieve. Keeping it simple means looking for the products which will give you success without breaking the bank balance. Two such items come to mind. One is the wristband or custom wristbands. The other is the lanyard or custom lanyards. Both custom lanyards and custom wristbands are the answer to any marketing managers prayers. They tick all the boxes when it comes to making the right decision about where to put your marketing dollars.

Custom Wristbands have been around a long time now. I went to a judo competition the other day and they were handing out custom wristbands to both all the competitors and the champions. So if you were competing you got a custom wristband with the word “competitor” printed on it. Then if you won a medal you also got a wristband with the word “Champion” printed on it. I found it interesting that they were handing out both but I guess it would make all the participants feel special. This is understanding considering that it was a kids competition. By giving out the printed wristbands they were giving the kids something to remind them of the day and maybe put on their shelf and be proud of.

Funny enough there were also custom lanyards at the same competition. All the officials were wearing customer printed lanyards with the word “Official” printed on it. I guess they want to distinguish between officials and the normal people so that people know who was who. This makes sense as there were adults mixed in with children so identity was an important fact. What this went to show was how practical a products custom lanyards are. That have so many applications that one never knows where to stop. If you ever thought they were just for conferences you would have been wrong. Indeed both custom lanyards and custom wristbands have a multitude of uses out there in the business and sporting world and beyond. All it takes is a bit of imagination.

The Difference Between Lanyards and Luggage Straps

This is one of those topics that nobody asked for and that nobody really needs an answer. Most people would need no explanation as to what the difference is between a lanyard and a luggage strap. I mean it would almost seem self-explanatory what the different is between these two products. One is a lanyard and the other is a luggage strap. That’s it! Well that is not it. Sometimes even the simplest things require explanation. Like why is the world round and why you shouldn’t put pineapple on pizza. The pizza one is redundant though as I am one of those people that thinks pineapple is the perfect thing for a pizza topping.

What is a lanyard?

Lanyards are a simple product that is very easy to explain. Essentially a lanyard is a necklace of sorts that you put around your need. There main different between it and a traditional necklace is that necklaces are usually bad from a metal such as gold. Lanyards on the other hand are mainly made from material such as polyester or nylon. Occasional you will get them made from leather but most of the time it is a woven fabric. Also with lanyards you don’t really hang decorative trinkets. You will usually hang something more practical on a lanyard suck as a security pass or your keys. Sometimes there will be a double hook so that you can hang something bigger. Also you have the option of printing stuff on lanyards such as a logo or message.

What is a luggage Strap?

Luggage straps are straps that you wrap around your luggage. Just like with lanyards they are usually made from a woven material such as polyester of nylon. More likely they are made from nylon because it is a much more durable material. It can take the stresses associated with the throwing around of your luggage by dodgy baggage handlers and the other perils involved with flying. Luggage straps can also be branded with a logo and a message which is useful when you are flying because it helps you distinguish between your bag and the bags of other. Luggage straps a popular with travels for this reason and also because they offer some security. Although most luggage straps don’t come with a lock you can put one on if you really want to do it.

The Difference Between Lanyards and Luggage Straps

So as you can see the main think the two items share together is that they are made from the same material. They are also usually made by the same kind of factory. The same factory that makes a lanyard with also usually make luggage straps. Although they would make far more lanyards as they are a more popular product. That, however, is where the similarities end. Quite obviously the two products are completely different and have different use. You can try and hang a luggage strap around your neck or you can try and secure your luggage with a lanyard by neither are recommended.

Slap Bands the Great Event Pleaser

Every now and then there comes along a great product that is so versatile and useful that you can help but get exited. Planning for an event whether it be a promotional event, corporate event or any other marketing event can be difficult enough as it is without having to worry about would product line up you will need to make it successful. So when a promotional product comes along that ticks all the boxes you can’t help but have that warm feeling in your stomach. One such product that you will love to get to know if the slap band. Slap bands are a great product that you will keep using again and again when hosting you events.

The best thing about slap bands is that that can be used wherever and whenever you want. What better way to safely hold your next corporate event than to give out printed slap bands to the participants. When it comes to corporate events products one product you will consistently find these days is indeed the slap band. Whilst you might see them at most events it is not the only product you will find. There are heap of other things you would find like;

  • Branded bottled water
  • Custom Branded Caps
  • Custom Apparel

The one thing that these products don’t have in common with slap bands is that they are not as inexpensive. With promotional products and marketing the key is getting the most bang for your buck. With slap bands you get just that. You get good bang for your buck. At the end of the day have an effective marketing strategy means spreading your marketing budgets as wide as you can so that you can reach the most amount of customers. With slap bands you can do that because they only cost a cost a couple of bucks.


Nylon Lanyards The Strongest Lanyards

In the world of promotional products durability is the key to any promotional item. It is not enough just knowing that you are going to give someone something with your logo on it. You want to know that the products that you are giving will be in use for a long time. I mean what is the point of giving something to someone if it is going to be gone the next day or the day after that. You want to know that it will stand the test of time and be around for a long time. The longer that it survives the test of time the more value it is to you and your company. One such a product is nylon lanyards.

Nylon lanyards belong to the lanyard family which is a cord or strap worn around the neck, shoulder, or wrist to carry such items as keys or identification cards. You have long lanyards which go around your neck or shoulders and then you have the short lanyard, also know as a short strap, which you carry around your wrist. Lanyards come in different colours and are made from various material and are generally printed with a company logo and given to staff and customers. The nylon lanyard is one such lanyards and is immensely popular amongst the lanyard using population.

Nylon lanyards are particularly popular precisely because they are so strong. Think of your seatbelt in your car. What material is your seatbelt made from? It is made from nylon. And why is it made from nylon? It is made from nylon material because it needs to be strong and there can’t be any possibility that it will break in the event of an accident. The same can be said of a nylon lanyard. It needs to be strong so that it can’t break. If you are carrying your security pass or keys on your lanyard then you can surely appreciate this.

In the world of promotional products the nylon lanyard can be printed with a corporate logo of message. Also it can come with generic print terms such as “Staff” or “Security” etc. As it is worn around the neck and in a very prominent position it is great as an identification method. What makes it even better when it is made from nylon is that you know it will last.

Custom Lanyards Melbourne

This time of year companies are seeking out products to add to their summer campaigns to help them promote their goods and services to the masses. Whilst it is not alway easy to choose something suitable for a campaign with a bit of thought it is always a possibility. This is as true in the rest of Australia as it is in Melbourne. There are a large number of companies based in Melbourne and the same issues revolving around marketing campaigns exist there as they do in the rest of the country. Fortunately corporates in Melbourne have an excellent section of supplier when it comes to looking up Custom lanyards Melbourne.

One of the greatest thing about living and working in Melbourne is that if you need a supplier there are a lot of options available. So if a company were looking for custom lanyards in Melbourne there would be a good chance that they could find one. This makes it all the more reason to add custom lanyards to a marketing campaign or to utilise for a special event. After all lanyards are a practical product which will resonate with the recipients. It always has and it always will. Who would not want a lanyard or even a custom printed lanyards.

When you find a company to supplier your custom lanyards such as EzyLanyards it might be a good time to enquiry about some other interesting and practical promotional products. Being that Melbourne is such a hub for travel and good options might be Personalised luggage straps. They are also a great gift when you are thinking about something that your customer won’t just like but will absolutely love. They look great wrapped around your luggage and you might even want to incorporate Melbourne into the log. Something live “Great to be from Melbourne”. That would be sure to impress.

Another great one is USB wristbands. These would go well with the personalise luggage strap. Image you get a personalised luggage strap and also a USB wristband with travel information and the like. That would be a great combination for a corporate gift, especially if it is for a travel themed promotion. The USB wristband would be a great addition as the person could store their travel photos and itinerary. What a great idea if I must say so myself. The best thing is that it is conveniently wrapped round your wrist and can be easily detached or re-attached if the need arises.


Market Forces Effect On Lanyards

You wouldn’t think that there would be too much in common between the humble lanyard and the market forces like exchange rates and geopolitical events like Donald Trumps trade war with China. You would not could not even start to imagine that would could effect the other. But the reality is it can. You see lanyards are manufactured in China. There are some small local manufacturers that do small quantities but the lions share are made in China. So when world events effect the currency market then they also end up effecting a product such as the little lanyard.

All manufactured products coming out of China are valued in USD. The USD being the all mighty American Dollar. The reason for this is because most raw materials are calculated in USD so it just makes it easier for the Chinese to price their manufactured goods in USD. Again there are some smaller manufacturers or non-export orientated factories that sell their goods in RMB, the Chinese currency, but they mainly service their domestic market. That said even factories that sell their goods in RMB are effected when there are currency fluctuations as the raw materials they buy are in USD.

So lately you would have noticed volatility in the currency markets. This is because the Chinese Government decided to devalue their currency the RMB in retaliation to American tariffs on their goods. This in turn spooked investors and causing them to flee fringe currencies like the AUD, or Australian Dollar, for the safety of the USD. So for a country such as Australia all the sudden they would find themselves paying more for imported goods such as custom lanyards. You see even custom lanyards can be effected by the policies of US president Donald Trump.

Luckily the price of custom printed lanyards is yet to go up. Indeed the good people at Ezy Lanyards are yet to raise their prices instead closing to absorb the cost. That said should this situation persist then you can expect all suppliers of custom lanyards to raise their price as well as any and all imported products. Lets hope that that doesn’t happen and that the AUD at least returns to a point above 70c against the USD.

Lanyards Never Go Out of Style

There are a number of promotional products which will always be a staple product. They are the kind of product that no matter what the technological changes or changes in fashion there will always be a use for them. One such product is the humble lanyard. Lanyards have been around for decades now and they never seem to go out of fashion. Just like other promotional products such as mugs, power banks, caps and pens they have been around for a long time now because they have a use. It is precisely their usefulness which has made them persist.

Promotional lanyards will always be popular for one main reason. You can put them around your neck. That is they are easy to wear and don’t clash with what the person is already wearing. Also they are extremely useful. You can literally attach anything to them from your keys, security passes, water bottles and the list goes on and on. Also from a promotional perspective they are a great item. They are inexpensive making them a no brainer for any marketing department. Also they are easy to brand. And when it comes to branding you can print almost any logo because you have both screen print and digital print options.

Luggage Straps For Winter Promotions

What do promotional luggage straps have to do with winter you may ask. Heaps. Winter is a time that more than any other people start thinking about leaving town and heading to a more agreeable climate. It is around this time of year that people start planning their mid-year vacation. It has been a long time since summer and as the cold sets in there is nothing better then heading off somewhere warmer. The travel companies know this which is why you start seeing specials to such location as Hawaii, Fiji and Croatia around this time of year.

Knowledge is power and knowing your consumer’s habits is a powerful tool when planning your marking campaigns. Knowing that the mid-year holiday rush is about to begin is a good time to incorporate some luggage straps into your promotional products range. Luggage straps are an inexpensive but durable promotional product which will give you long lasting payback. The ROI for such a  small item is huge. For just a couple of bucks per customer you can get your name out there far and wide. Luggage straps are one of the items that people use whenever they travel. They help them identify their bags whilst keeping them safe and strong.

The branding options for luggage straps are also excellent. So if no matter what kind of logo you have this product which accomodate. The options include everything from screen print, sublimation print to the woven option. So if you are looking for a great winter promotional item then look no further.